Legal Instruments


Legislative Decree No. 01/2001, of 20 August, amended by Legislative Decree No. 04/2009, of 07 September –– Which approves the Aeronautical Code of Cape Verde (which regulates civil aviation in the country and its territorial waters, as established in the Constitution and in the law);


Decree-Law no. 28/2004, of 12 July - Which creates the Civil Aviation Agency.

Decree-Law no. 70/2014, of 22 December, amended by Decree-Law no. 47/2019, of 28 October – Which approves the statutes of the Civil Aviation Agency.


Resolution No 71 / V / 1997 of 31 December - Warsaw Convention –  Are approved for the unification of certain set of rules related to the international air carriage, adopted in Warsaw on 12 October, 1929 and the respective Protocol of Amendment (PROTOCOL OF HEA), adopted on 28 September, 1955.

Resolution nº93 / VI / 2004, of 31 May Complementary Convention of the Warsaw Convention for the Unification of certain set of rules of International air carrier made by Entity Different from the Contractor.


Resolution 103 / VI / 2004, of 21 June - Montreal Convention Applies to all international transportation of people, baggage or cargo, carried out on aircraft, for remuneration.

LE 3/38.1-19/70, of 11 October 2019 ICAO_ Revision of Values for compensation of the Montreal Convention.


Decree-Law no. 35/2006, of 26 June - Establishes the rights of passengers, in case of denial of embarkation against their will, cancellation and delay of flights and creates the respective disciplinary regime.


Regulamentar Decree No 3/2006, of 26 June – Approves the regulation fixing the amount of compensation in case of destruction, loss of, damage of, or delay of baggage and goods in domestic air carrying


Law nº 88 / V / 1998, of December 31 – approves the legal regime of protection and defense of consumers, defining the functions of the State and of the local authorities, the rights of consumers and the intervention of consumer associations.


Decree-Law no. 19/2008, of 09 June – Which establishes the obligation to exist and make available the book of complaints in all establishments operating goods or providing services.

Order Nº 15/2009, of 27 April - This ordonnance approves the model, edition, price, supply and distribution of the book of complaints, to be made available by the suppliers of goods and service providers covered by Decree-Law No 19/2008 of June 9, as well as the approval of the sign template to be affixed in their establishments.


Civil Aviation Regulation of 25 march 2019 - amended and republished the CV CAR 12, Civil Aviation Security of 08 April 2015.


Regulation No. 1/2014 of 20 June –Made to establish the general conditions of carriage related to the marketing and the characteristics of the ticket.


Decree-Law no. 54/2019 of December 10 – which regulates the legal regime for establishing and updating the structure of air tariff applicable to regular domestic air transport.


Decree-Law no. 02/2017 of 18 January Amending the regulation which establishes the main rules to guarantee the protection and service provision for assistance to person with reduced mobility who have access to or wish to have access to air carriage.

Decree-Law no. 27/2015 of 06 May – Which establishes the main rules to guarantee the protection and service provision for assistance to person with reduced mobility who have access to or wish to have access to air carriage.


Regulation No. 1 / AAC / 2017, of 30 May amended by Regulation No. 01/AAC/2018, of 19 March – Approval of the taxes charged by the National Company of Airports and Air Security (ASA, SA), as aerodrome management entity and entity providing air navigation services.