When a flight is initiate before the scheduled time and consequentially, the passenger cannot embark even being at the disposal of the air carrier disposal at the time initially scheduled.

The passenger has the right, to his choosing:

Or, alternatively

The carrier shall also bear all ordinary expenses of transport, meals, accommodation and communication that the passenger will have to make.

Remark - In the event of self-assistance, you must request and keep receipts for the costs of meals/accommodation/transport in order to request reimbursement from the airline.

Pursuant to subheading 3 and 4 of Article 218º of Legislative Decree nº 01/2001, of 20 August, altered by Legislative Decree nº 04/2009, of 7 September – approving the Aeronautical Code of Cape Verde (regulating civil aeronautics in its National territory and its jurisdictional waters, as defined by the Constitution and by law);