Check-in is a procedure realized by air carriers for identification of a passenger, dispatch of baggage and issuance of boarding pass.

You must present yourself at the airport, at the check-in counter in advance, as indicated and written, on your ticket and by electronic means by the air carriage company, tour operator or authorized travel agent, so that you may comply with all procedures. In case of doubt, contact in advance the airline company, tour operator or authorized travel agent as the presentation after the scheduled time can prevent you from boarding and can generate additional costs as described in your transportation contract.

The tickets contain the information about the local time, both at origin and destination.

You must have in possession your ticket, identification document and other travel document necessary for the entity responsible for emigration and border control.

Avoid presenting yourself at the check-in counter at the last minute and mind the time for the check-in closure schedule for domestic, regional and international flights.