SCREENING – Execution of technical means or other with the purpose of detecting weapons, explosives or any other device, article or dangerous substance which can be used for practice of an act of unlawful interference.

Aims to guarantee the highest level of security and the integrity of passengers, crew members, ground personnel, the general public, aircrafts and airport facilities against acts of unlawful interference.

All passengers that leave an aerodrome are screened by the entity that ensures security search operation, through manual search, screening operation through metal detector portals or other technical means available in the airport for that effect.

In international flights, depending on the country of destination, additional measures of security may be used like for example on the flights for the USA.

The security screening through the metal detector portal must be complemented with a random manual search of the passengers, continuous and unpredictable, on a frequency percentage never undergoing 10%. A higher percentage can be assigned according to the level of threat on the civil aviation.

To make your security screening process easier, it is recommended you travel with clothes and shoes without metallic applications and that you mind the objects you may have in your pockets (keys, coins, cellphones, etc.).

Overcoats and jackets are subject to control and security separately from the hand baggage. You may also be asked to remove your shoes and place them on the X-ray equipment rug, for separate screening, in case the metal detector portal is activated and that the staff of the entity that ensures the security screening operations sense that their size or format are susceptible of hiding forbidden articles.

Consult the list of forbidden articles in hand baggage because, in case you Forget dispatching them, these items will be retained during screening.

Manual search is an alternative/additional security measure, applied in specific cases, operated by agents of the company that ensure the security screening operations, with the same sex of the person inspected and with the consent of the person inspected. It consists of a body inspection of a person, his clothes and accessories, in a private space, with discretion and in the presence of a witness if the passenger requires so. However, in case the passenger refuses to be submitted to the manual search, his access to the boarding lounge is denied.

Some passengers require special treatment on the screening points, such as:

In cases where religious or cultural issues may cause constraints on the passenger screening process, a manual search in private is effectuated.

The passengers who refuse to be submitted to the screening or refuse to allow screening of their hand baggage are denied access to the boarding lounge and denied boarding.