The Ticket is the transport contract between passenger and airline.

The purpose of the air transport contract is to set a balance between passengers and airlines rights and duties.

The Ticket must contain the following information:

A sale receipt, itinerary summary or equivalent document must be issued, and made available to the passenger in paper or electronic format.

The validity of the ticket is one (1) year from the date of its issuance, subject to the conditions of the application of the tariff.

The ticket is personal and non-transferable. However, transfer from one person to another shall be subject exclusively to the rules that the carrier imposes on it, notwithstanding the requirements which the aeronautical authority may establish with respect to the identification of a passenger.

Fares rules must be available and kept updated by airlines at all its points of sales, services and on their websites.The Passenger has the right to receive, from the airline, in the Portuguese language, clear and objective information regarding its conditions of carriage.