Knowing how to proceed on an emergency situation is fundamental. It is highly recommended that you pay attention to the instructions given by the crew about the location of the exits, emergency equipments and that you consult the informative flyers set at your disposal on the pocket seats, as they vary according to the flight companies. You should verify the location of the nearest exit, which may be behind you. Security equipments normally include: life-jackets, oxygen masks, safety belts and being aware of the ground level light signals that indicate the emergency exits is advisable.

The safety instructions generally include other informations such as: restrictions concerning the use of electronic devices, the stowing of carry-on luggage in the right compartments and as to which correct position seats and tray tables should be during take-off and landing operations.

The use of electronic devices inside the aircraft is limited, only a few may be used, however they are prohibited during take-off and landing operation. In these specific moments, the equipments that emit electromagnetic wave such as mobile phones, notebooks, music or video devices, digital cameras for video or photos and such are not allowed to be used. The permission to use or not relies on the flight company.

During the flight you must remain seated at all times with your safety belt on, especially when the signal “safety belt” is on or if the crew members has communicated, during the TAXI, take-off, landing, or turbulence situations.

Turbulence might occur during flights. It is an atmospheric phenomenon which causes the aircraft to dangle and slightly vary in altitude. It is quite common when crossing a layer of clouds but it can also occur with clear skies.  The cause might be thermal or convective currents, relief differences, variation in the wind velocity of a frontal zone or changes in atmospheric pressure.  Aircrafts can avoid areas of turbulence with the use of meteorological radars which indicate denser clouds. If you find yourself being in the restrooms or in the aisle at this particular moment, return immediately. The on-board service might also be suspended during turbulence periods.