At the time of booking or flight ticket purchase, inform the airline company, the tour operator or the authorized personnel if you will be needing special assistance, such as: meals, assistance for persons with reduced mobility, unaccompanied children, pregnancy, among other specificities.


If you are pregnant, it is important to get in contact with the Airline company or with your doctor before you purchase your plane ticket due to transport restrictions.

It is not advisable to travel with more than 32 weeks of pregnancy, however, some Airline companies can be even more restrictive and set periods inferior to 32 weeks of pregnancy, asking for a medical authorization and in certain cases the term of responsibility for this purpose, therefore, to avoid any constraints, it is necessary to get the proper information about procedures at your Airline company.


The airline companies have their own procedures regarding acceptation of unaccompanied children, so for children that do not travel with a person of legal age, airline may set limits according to the age or destination.

It is important to informed at the time of booking or ticket purchase if the airline company provides assistance to unaccompanied under age and what are the conditions and the procedure to follow.


PRMs – Anyone that is limited in mobility when using transportation, due to any physical incapacity (sensory or locomotors, permanent or temporary) disability or intellectual impairment or due to any other disability, age, or disease and which condition requires appropriate attention and adaptation or service at disposal of all passengers to their specific needs.

The PRMs are, among others, as follows:

It is the PRMs responsibility to inform the Airline company, its agents or tour operator, preferably when booking a flight or 48 hours before embarkation, the specifications of their needs for assistance.  In some cases, they might be asked to provide a medical statement.

The airport managing body, the air carriers and the operating air carriers should ensure that assistance and information is guaranteed to the PRMs throughout the flight in order to secure their physical and moral integrity.